Tales of a tarot proffesional

The greatest privilege of being a professional tarot reader is that I get a glimpse of the real person. From the outside our lives seem together, our relationships great, our families cohesive. We present a mask of happy confidence to the world. I get to see the pain, sadness, regret, worry, and general feelings of un-worthyness we all struggle with. (As well as a lot of hope, optimism and enthusiasm i should add...) Seeing beyond the mask of so many has helped me to better appreciate the people in my life. To realise that people who seem strong and confident are often struggling. It has made it easier for me to admit when I am not coping, to be more honest about how my life is going. Stude

The Star, navigating to your wish.

One of the (many) reasons I love Tarot is how the cards include simple instructions to help in life. They are not only a reflection of what is likely to happen, they include directions to help us create the life the life we would like. The Star is an excellent example of this “instruction book” type of card. Lets start with a question, what is a star? Our sun is a star, it's just that as we are close to it, it fills our sky with light, during daylight hours. Stars are simply "suns" a long (long, long) way away. So have a look at how positive the sun card is. It is a happy, joyful, successful card. The sun is about clear focus, direction, seeing things clearly. I see the star card as focusi

Sussex Shaman healer...

Well I'm all booked on to the next step of my shaman journey. It started in the 90's with a weekend workshop with Emma Restall Orr, exploring the Druid path and ending up taking part in a ritual at the Roll-right stones. I felt a strange draw deeper and deeper under the earth which was a little worrying at the time. Later I worked with Shaun Brassfiled Thorpe in Orkney. To say he changed every perception I had about the world does not do the experience justice. I learnt about the Nordic tradition of Stav, and through martial training, wisdom tradition & shamanism I built a personal relationship with personal Norse deities. I may read and teach tarot, drum in a temperate woodland, but when i

Why I love the 5 of swords

When I first started teaching Tarot I thought about what my personal take on tarot was going to be. I decided I wanted to teach the best and worst of every card, and to help people find their personal connection with the imagery. So my personal take on the 5 of swords reflects that. I am not going to explore here how this card can mean losing, slander or a verbal attack. Rather I am going to explain why I am often (not always) glad to see this for my clients, and myself. When you look at the card it seems to be that tempers have been lost, harsh words shouted, emotions hurt. I love the jagged clouds, the rough waters and the wind whipped hair of the main character. I find it fascinating how

Tales of a Tarot Proffesional

I thought I would share with you some insights of my personal journey and experiences as a professional tarot reader. If life allows I will continue this on a weekly basis. One of the hardest things, honestly, is the growing sense of inadequacy. When I am in "the zone" and connected to the tarot I am also connected to a source of wisdom, that is far wiser than me. As I hear my words flow a part of me is nodding inside as there will often be a some of the reading that could apply to me, and improve my life too. But because I am acting as a channel I don't hold and digest the advice, it seems to flow from me - and so I rarely turn it into anything concrete in my life. I do read the tarot for

The most important tarot reading

The most important tarot reading is a reflection reading; reflecting your mind and your unconscious. This is because what your mind holds slowly sinks into your unconscious. And what your unconscious holds, is how you perceive the world. Your unconscious a powerful predictor of your happiness & life success. I have read this in many books, and came to understand it a little about my own self limiting beliefs. But it was my husbands job interview that really illustrated just how powerful our unconscious really can be. He went for a job interview, a gardener at a care home. This was a job he is experienced for, but he decided he had crossed some invisible line and was now "too old". Even befor

10 favourite tarot books

10; Who Are You in The Tarot (Greer) This is a fun book, find your soul card based upon your birth date, as well as soul cards of friends and family. Lots of great insights to be learnt about the tarot cards, as you reflect upon yourself and those you know. Its the kind of book where you forget you are learning. 9: Professional Tarot (Jette) This was a really helpful book for me. It may be outdated on the technical front (there are better books for launching an internet business) but I love the way it is written and have found it inspirational and motivational. I regularly dip into it. 8; The only Tarot Book you'll ever Need (Skye Alexander) Sometimes I just want a simple book to refer to.

Lovely tarot cards- 3 swords

I know you may be thinking "heart- break, sorrow and sadness". Or even worse "a three way love triangle." As a professional tarot reader, a lot of my questions are to do with relationships and affairs. Hurt people asking about love. Yet this is a card I am often glad to see in a reading. Really look at the card, forget all the keywords you've read and actually look. Do you see the simplicity of the design, the symmetry in the card. Notice how the heart is open and unguarded. See the rain falling in the background. Notice the beautiful, vital red colour Lets look at what the symbols could mean (symbols are very subjective after all) The rain. If you know tarot, you know that the suit of sword

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