Samhain tarot card reading for you

Samhain Blessings- my reading for you, for the next 3 months Judgment Consider the angel to be your own higher guidance, and the people coming to life again to be you- feeling more alive. Find time to be still, hear your own wisest self, you know how to feel more alive & happier- you just don't always trust your own wisdom. The word judgement means "Comparing ideas to find the truth" Wake up to all those things in life you thought you SHOULD do, and start considering instead what you COULD do. Take nothing at face value, be constantly aware - life changes, adapt and change with it. King of swords Do I hear you say "I'd love to have more fun, to do ***** But I just don't have the time/money/

Samhain thoughts

I held a Samhain gathering to connect with the ancestors yesterday. I started the group with focused business. Wool wrapping, gathering natural materials, led meditation, intent setting. Clear focus, clear intent, clear direction. Focus & direction. The energies took a while to settle, but this clear direction worked, amidst coughs and planes and wasps slowly it became quiet. We burnt our wool-wrapped representations as I drummed, and the fire seemed to sing its own song. And then, after all the direction and focus there was space for stillness. I asked everyone to simply sit and connect to their ancestors. And as we became still the barn became busy. The Owls called, the Robins- well were l

The secret warning behind the darkest card...

And which Tarot card has the darkest shadow, the deepest warning? For me that is always the 6 of cups. Have you ever taken the time to really gaze at this card? I don't mean some of the more sugery, cute decks. I mean the Rider-Waite deck. Look at how the buildings seem to dominate, overwhelm, and could I say trap? Look at the man in the background with the spear, firmly striding away. Look at the figures- are they children? Notice the red hood and mittens. And look carefully at the cross. A Saint Andrews cross, to the best of my knowledge the only one in the Rider-Waite deck (do let me know if you've spotted one else where) How do you feel about this card now? Does it still only mean nostal

Early Samhain gathering

We gathered in our barn again last night, for an early Samhain gathering. I arrived early to light the fire and enjoy the peace...sometimes my life can seem a little too busy. I spent some time drumming. It's really hard to explain, but it is not me that drums, the drum itself (or Frey to be more precise) takes over. I am left listening to the sound with delight. This time, not having others journeys to consider, I really lost myself in the drumming and heard words, and songs, and sounds that I have never heard before. The beat of the drum became horses hooves and I journeyed far with the sound of wind in my ears, and all this magic from one drum. As people started to arrive we gathered arou

The secret warning in the 8 of Wands

How do you feel when you see the eight of wands? Excited, energised, inspired, optimistic? Do you start to pack your bags thinking that a holiday is foretold? Do you feel optimistic that your plans are coming together nicely, and things should start to go really well really quickly? I love the 8 of wands. As a high energy, some could say "driven" individual this card suits me well... Except for one time; It kept cropping up, and I just couldn't place it. At the time a longstanding friendship was facing difficulties, but i didn't put the two together- until I read for help on the friendship. And there was the 8 of wands centre stage. It took me a while to work it through. If the Ace of wands

The secret the 2 of cups

The 2 of cups, happiness in a card right? Much looked for whenever a relationship is asked about, this is equal (they both have a cup) honest love between two people and together they make magic! (note the lion-headed winged image) All true of course ... But; Notice how this is a "separation" card, they seem to be standing on a stage, separated from the rest of the card. See how the rest of the card seems to recede into the distance, for this couple there is no rest of the world- only each other. This is falling madly and deeply in love, which is exciting, exhilarating and all consuming- and should only ever be a phase of love. Would you want to go to dinner with them, be their friend or the

The secret warning in the 6 of wands

In the countdown to Halloween I will be looking at the secret warning behind some of the cards you may think of as positive, happy or delightful cards. The brightest light casts the darkest shadow. What do you think of this card? Success, victory, good news? All true of-course, it can be a really postive and exciting card... BUT You know what they say; "if it looks too good to be true..." I always ask myself, what is beneath that bloody blanket on the horse? Look carefully, it covers the whole of the body, even the legs. When ever anyone tries to cover something up I am left wondering WHY? Is it a real horse, or a weird kind of mummers horse, where the body is in fact is employees, servants

Spirits of Place

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a cold chill, an unsettled feeling that this is not the right place to be? Have you ever walked into a space and felt a deep comfort, a sense of being welcome and at ease? There are many explanations for such feelings; memories from childhood (or past lives) picking up energy resonances from past happenings projected feelings from you Connecting with spirits of place. Working with Spirits of place is a wonderful way to feel more connected, not only with your home or favorite places- but with yourself. What is a Spirit of Place Well, honestly, it could probably be represented by anything; an animal, elemental, tree, fairy, spirit. I think it's import

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