Surviving & Thriving in a Black Moon

A Black moon (Moon card from the Mary El tarot) simply means that in one calendar moon there will be two new moons. It is however quite a rare event, and the psychological impact can be quite intense, especially if you are already sensitive to the moons influence. I can see three main impacts on sensitives, and I have read to offer advice for each of these impacts. Of course it is quite likely that you will experience all three! Deeper connection with your intuition (heightened psychic awareness) 7 wands, devil, 7 pentacles Interesting to note two 7's, 7 is a number of magic, and change on a deeper level! This deepening of your psychic connection could well be a long lasting change, if you l

October Release & Refresh

As we approach Samhain (Halloween, Winters day) it is a perfect time to release anything that no longer serves you. Traditionally this time of year, as the earth seems to draw back into herself, marks the ending of one year ready for the birth of a new. As nature herself (in temperate Britain) seems to clear away the exuberance and excess of High Summer, it is a good time clear in our homes, and hearts too; On a physical level; Chose three things each day to give away, slow but steady. Pick your most cluttered room, and really work at clearing it. Promise yourself a treat for the room when you have finished. Enjoy the financial savings of a "larder" week. Apart from needed essentials cook on

The Wish Card

A man sits at an empty banquet table, confident and happy. It's as if he knows everyone is on their way. Why is this a great image for the card classically known as the wish card? Because if we trace his journey to that moment, it gives us the exact recipe for manifesting our wishes... (Druid-Craft Tarot) If you look at the table in the magician's card, you will see all the tools of manifestation laid out and ready: Tool one; The wand In tarot wands represent fire, spirit & inspiration. To create anything first must come that spark of passion, to just know you need to do something... "I really want to enjoy a celebratory banquet..." Tool two; The cup Have you heard about how great athletes &

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