How long have you been reading Tarot?

People often ask "how long have you been reading the tarot?" I can pinpoint the exact place I first encountered the tarot. In my early 20's I decided to spend three months traveling around America. I had three big dreams; visit Laura Ingall's home, Gracelands & New Orleans ( I was a big fan of Anne Rice at the time!). After my first week in New York I felt overwhelmed at everything, and found myself on a train in tears. Someone came up to me, sat next to me and gently talked me through my fears. He then invited me back to his house at the end of my three months to share my stories. That's me, first day in America, top the the world trade centre. At the end of my journey, having had an amazi

The best tarot spread?

Which is the best tarot spread? The one that best answers your question of course! If you are just starting out then a three card spread is probably best, it allows you to focus in depth on the three cards, any more can be overwhelming. There are numerous three card readings; past, present future; advice, advice, outcome, inner-world, outer world, advice... I think the daily three card reading is such a fundamental starting place for tarot reading that I have written a crib sheet for my favorite reading. It covers each card, in each position, which is a great starting point for when you are learning. Once you are comfortable with a simple daily spread, there are three main types of readings

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