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I still struggle to call Tarot Counsel & Shaman's gate a business- because to me they are so much more. They have grown to be a massive part of my life, a community, an inspiration and have bought me much joy. But I do charge for my time and advertise my services & I do have a plan as to how I want to develop my enterprise - so it is a business too. I thought I would pause and reflect on what I have learnt as I have combined my genuine passions with running a small business. I read for many people who want to set up as healers, guides and holistic traders. So I am sharing a few things I have experienced and learnt; from a position of much humbleness and trepidation. Because I am not an exp

The 4 Tarot suits, explained.

78 cards to understand can be overwhelming, so let me introduce the four suits to you. Once you understand the 4 suits you can look at a spread and straight away have a feel for the reading based on how which suits are dominant (or missing) Wands (fire)- spirit & energetic body This is your passion, enthusiasm, excitement, libido, urge, inspiration... Wand energies are exciting and optimistic "yes, I'd love to do that" says the Ace of wands. But they must be followed through with the action of the other suits, or you will be in the 10 of wands; Too many inspiring ideas and opportunities, not enough energy and time to commit to them. A story of how the 4 suits manifest... Sitting reading a b

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