How can tarot help?

Last year I did a reading for a lady, and the three cards in the future position were the 8, 9 & 10 swords. All difficult cards to suggesting anxiety, stress and worry. I took my second deck to pull a clarity card hoping to add a positive note, and got the 9 of swords again. My client was a single mum, two jobs, desperately worried about how she was going to pay the bills. I can't wave a magic wand (often..) but the cards were clear that the biggest problem was not money, but her worrying about money. She agreed to go home and confront her bills, sort out a budget and deal with her problems. Seeing her life reflected in the cards was an awakening moment. She came back three months later, and

Power animals

In April a group of us gathered to connect with our power animals. We made our intention clear, enjoyed some earth breathing and chanted.... and the barn was alive. It seemed full. Birds, small furry animals, snakes, wolves and a large stag to name a few... After the group paused for a moment to reflect on how crowded it seemed I led a pathworking meditation to deepen the connection. We followed our normal path, to the same tree- but with the intention of meeting an animal spirit guide. The first thing I usually see is Frey (the Norse God) leaning against the tree. This time I saw one of his animal forms, a stag. This is not my personal power animal, but it was interesting to connect with F

Tarot for wellbeing

My Tarot forcus for the month of April is wellbeing. For me "wellbeing" is a subtle balance of the four energy bodies we all have; our spirit, emotions, mind and physical. Spotting which one of these bodies is most under stress, or under-nurtured, can be a simple way to highlight any dis-ease we may be experiencing. The easiest way to explore the balence of wellbeing in a larger spread is to look at the balance between the four suits, especially looking for where problems and stress points lie; Wands (fire) represent your spiritual body, aura & energy levels. Cups (water) represent your emotional body & relationships. How you are feeling. Swords (air) represent your mind & words. Thinking to

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