What's on; November & December

Happy Samhain! Helping you to keep your diary co-ordinated, here are my workshop & group dates booked for the rest of the year (yikes, that really is scary...) Shaman's Gate. Welcome from 7, start at 7.30. cost £10 4th & 18th November, 2nd December. Plashett barns Shamanism workshop. 21st November; 1-3. cost £15 An afternoon of shamanism. A little more teaching, a little more talking. A great starting point, or for reglulars keen for more! Plashett barns Tarot Foundation. 15th November; 1.30-4.30. cost £35 Covering the major acarna; From the Devil through to the World, including a chance to practise supported reading for others. Plashett barns Focused tarot workshop 6th December; 1.30-4.30

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