How does the Tarot actually work?

I wish I could explain how the right cards end up in the right place - can't. But, what I do think happens is that the cards allow you to connect with your intuition (psychic skills/higher guidance) and I also think everyone can read the cards. For me Tarot is a blend of intuition; when I look at the cards in a slight meditative state and just "know" something.... And wisdom; when a symbol/picture in the card links to a traditional meaning. When these two back each other up, saying similar things - then it can be really powerful. So my best advice if you are just starting out is to read a layout in three separate stages; 1 - just look at the cards, let your eyes and mind dream and see wha

Gazing in the barn, the other side...

I recieved this email this morning and am sharing with permission: Gazing On a dark and windy night in late October, I was sat in an ancient, candle lit barn, beside a gently snoozing wood burning stove, taking part in Maddy's Seid evening gathering. This was my second experience of "gazing" and the results were intriguing and unnexpected. Gazing is the practice of looking at another person with soft focused eyes and allowing your sight to relax and accept any images, sounds, colours, words that come to you without censoring. My partner was J, who at the time of the exercise I did not realise I had met at the Tarot workshop. It was dark in this place and I had not really talked to J other t

Gazing in the barn...

Shared with permission, this is the other half of the gazing experience... What an amazing experience I had on that damp, chilly October evening. it was so lovely and atmospheric in the dark barn, lit only by the flickering candles and the crackling wood burning stove. It was very cosy and warm and I too had an amazing experience gazing with M. This was my third time gazing, my second in the old barn. I had met M at the Tarot workshop but too had only said "hello" so knew nothing of M's circumstances. We got comfortable on our wooden bench with our blankets for comfort and started to gaze. I experienced a really strong feeling of sadness and felt that M had suffered something that had caused

Tarot spread for Samhain

My spread for Samhain (winter's day / Halloween) is really very simple: Reflection Acceptance Release The first three cards are areas of your life you are asked to reflect on a little more. The second three cards are areas of your life (people/feelings/regrets...) you are reminded to accept. Simple acceptance can be so hard. The final three are things for you to release. They are the things that are not serving you anymore. I am asked to release fear of poverty, expectation of stability and anxiety. I am asked to reflect on attention to detail (Prince of Pentacles) and trust that magic happens when I trust and take a leap of faith (The Fool). My shamans group was such a massive sca

Lovely new postcard!

I've been lucky to have some help from some very talented people in promoting my business. I wanted to share with you my new postcard, designed by the lovely Jo Peters. I wasn't sure what to expect when Jo offered to help produce some advertising for my tarot & shaman workshops - but I absolutely love the image. Thanks Jo x

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