A year full of guidance...

Imagine what you could achieve if you had accurate intuitive guidance on hand to help you each month. I have noticed the difference this level of guidance can make in my clients lives. Gently checking in- are you on track, how to deal with difficulties, what's blocking you.

Your monthly appointment can be focused on whatever most needs attention.

You can use it for life guidance, business coaching, self development, spiritual understanding- our time is yours to use however best suits you.

You can also use my shamanic and healing skills if that is more needed, and in an hour or 90 minute appointment we can use both!

So- here is the pay pal button for 1 hour. The cost for a year is £495 (which means you get one appointment completely free).

Once you've paid I will send you a link for my private calendar where you can see all my available slots. That way you can book in your appointment when you want. I will email you at the start of every month just to remind you...

Your appointment can be by phone, messenger, skype or face to face (TN22 5UG) and can vary each month according to your needs.